Getting married is one of the precious moments that only happens once in life, so some couples who are in love agree to organize the best wedding party as an alternative. If you intend to have a wedding in Bali, then The surga villa estate can be the best choice. Here are some of the beauties offered by this popular Bali wedding venue.

The surga villa estate is a popular wedding location in Uluwatu, where all staff always try to provide the best service for their customers. Meanwhile, the Uluwatu area itself is famous as an area that offers a charming natural charm from the presence of beautiful beaches that decorate it. And fortunately, you can enjoy the beauty of the charm of marine tourism from a certain height.

Because The surga villa estate is right on the limestone hills, so the stretch of the ocean and beautiful beaches are the best backgrounds that can spoil the eye. Thanks to the natural scenery, many are interested in holding an outdoor wedding as the best choice. The wedding ceremony was even more lively when it took place in the afternoon, when the sky began to turn dark orange which gave a thicker romantic effect.

The location of the Bali wedding venue is at a certain height, allowing you to feel like your wedding party is in heaven. Coupled with the natural charm there are two, combined with the nuances of the surroundings that are so comfortable, making the wedding ceremony take place wisely and bring a sense of emotion to those who see the sacred promise procession It is not surprising that The Surga was chosen to be a favorite wedding location from various circles.

Offer a myriad of adequate facilities

This prestigious villa offers complete facilities to fulfill the needs of the bride and groom. However, the price offered is pocket-friendly so it won’t interfere with your financial condition. For the sake of satisfying its customers, every special room for weddings has been added with adequate facilities and has a fairly large area. So you don’t need to hesitate to invite a large number of guests.

The wedding room is even claimed to be able to accommodate more than 100 guests at a time, although there is still room for movement. Even in this place, you can get a variety of interesting entertainment that can be enjoyed for all ages. Of course, all of these facilities cannot be found in other Bali wedding venues, and can only be obtained when you book them at The surga villa estate.


If you intend to have a wedding in Bali, then having it at The surga villa estate can be the best solution. Offer a myriad of advantages ranging from a selection of gorgeous, captivating venue backgrounds to stunning natural scenery, guaranteed to make you want to get married right away. About the price, it doesn’t seem to be worrying about, because all these benefits can be adjusted according to your budget.