The international school holds a big role in Indonesian education. It is because the curriculum and the base standard are considered better than a then traditional school. One of the schools that is worth knowing is Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat. They have 5 different programs, with two kindergarten programs. Here is a tad bit of explanation for you.

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 is the fourth program you can find at Global Gevilla pre-school. This program is designated for the student in the ages of 4 to 5 years old, which is the same as TK A. The school will implement IEYC or an international Early year curriculum to help develop students’ development and skills in numerous areas. It is more focused on motoric and personal abilities.

In this stage, students are expected to have learned about some basic skills from the previous grades or program. If the children have been studying in Global Sevilla since earlier, it is expected that they have what they need. Including basic recognizing skills for shapes and color. They developed self-awareness, confidence, and simple calculation abilities.

This Preschool Jakarta Barat will provide tons of interactive, fun, and entertaining learning. Using toys, music, rhymes, and games, students will have to develop their motoric abilities. They can play with other classmates, enjoying the class, discussing, doing some crafting, simple art, and many more. Thus, they can develop other skills such as listening, reading, communicating, etc.

Kindergarten 2 

At the preschool Global Sevilla, kindergarten 2 is the highest program. But it doesn’t mean their journey of study is ending. In the classroom, the student will face the same IEYC curriculum with its strand to develop student logical thinking. It is also one of the ways to increase students’ knowledge about their real-life and surrounding.

The activities and the learning program are not too far different from the previous program (kindergarten 1), but it certainly has a higher level of difficulties. The games, the plays, the materials, and the challenge will be harder. And the preschool Jakarta Barat students should be able to solve the problems, uses their logic, and develop it even better to transit into the formal study program.

When it comes to Global Sevilla, you can expect that the school will give a thorough education for the students. It is especially true if you enroll your children in the toddler programs. Continuing education will get harder and more challenging in the latter programs, including in kindergarten 1 and 2 where they have developed basic and logical skills.